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Our newest offering, this is a comprehensive self defense class encompassing both personal and property protection. Instructed by K.O. Combatives, formed by Signal Mountain Police Captain Scott Ogrodowczyk and his partner Denver Kindiger, this class covers preparation and prevention, awareness and avoidance, strategies and active physical measures to effectively manage any situation.

The class includes instruction in self-defense and personal safety through mental preparation, awareness of surroundings, recognition of hazards and danger signs, minimizing risk and maximizing safety in any circumstance, as well as knowledge of simple, effective combative methods and techniques.

The class also addresses the legalities that coincide with the protection of person and property. For more information on the elements of this class, visit K. O. Combatives. This class is oen to anyone 15 or over.


Skill Requirements:

Level 1: Introduction to situational awareness and defense tools and techniques. Mild to moderate physical ability

Level 2: Continuation of defense techniques and situational responses




8 week sessions    $100

An Annual $25 Registration Fee is required for all new students and once a year thereafter.

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